Course Offered by MDETTE, New Delhi

1- Nursery Teachers Training (NTT) Duration- 1/2 Year
2- Primary Teachers Training (PTT) Duration- 1 Year
3- Nursery Primary Teachers Training (NPTT) Duration- 1/2 Year
4- Montessori and Kindergarten Teachers Training (DMKTT) Duration- 1 Year
5- Knowledge Management in Preschool Education (DKMPE) Duration- 1 Year
6- Primary Computer Teacher Training (DPCTT) Duration- 1 Year

Lateral Entry to NTT/NPTT Second Year:

Admission is open to those candidates who have successfully completed their NTT from any recognized organization.


The curriculum is meticulously appropriately designed as per the need of the present day teaching profession. It has in it incorporated the latest methods and trends of teaching which enables you meet the demands of the school and the students. It comprises of the theory as well as practical subjects.

Job Opportunities:
1- Nursery/ Primary Teacher in Public School.
2- Teacher in Montessori and Kindergarten School.
3- Faculty in Adult Education Centre.
4- Art & Craft Teacher in Public Schools.
5- Faculty in Institutes.
6- Set Up Own Play School
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